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WITH 18 YEARS OF TENNIS COACHING I HAVE A VERY UNIQUE WAY OF TEACHING (for more information contact me on 07931 592460)

In my lessons I offer a unique method of coaching in which I pride myself on going over and above the usual elements of a lesson. These include analyzing videos of professional players to help you develop the correct technique, and using video footage to study your performance, to improve your  coordination and strength. I concentrate on your specific needs and plan your  lessons accordingly. So whether you’re just starting out or are  an experienced player looking to improve particular aspects of your game, I can create a programme tailored to you. 

Another coaching method I use is weighted clubs  this will  help you  develop your swing This technique can be seen on youtube  below. I have learnt my approach to tennis through study at the European Registry of Tennis Associations (RPT) and the International Tennis Academy of Natural and Holistic Tennis Coaching.


I primarily teach at Shirley Tennis Club in Croydon but can move to other locations if required. Please don’t hesitate to call or text  me on my mobile.

I look forward to hearing from you.




My hourly rate is £29


one and half hours discount price  for £38

       Alternatively buy a block of 10 lessons for £270

      or  5 Lessons for £135

                                   (please note 24 hours cancellation is required)


        My qualifications

  • European Registry of Tennis Professional (RPT) 
  • Diploma With The International Tennis Academy (ITA)
  • United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA)
  • LTA Licensed Coach
  • First Aid and D.B.S. certificates


At last I have found a tennis coach who has a passion for teaching tennis. Bob is a professional coach who has an all-inclusive and knowledgeable style to his work. I have had lessons with five different coaches but Bob was the only one who found the reason for my re-occurring tennis elbow injury. He works tirelessly in understanding how his clients need to learn and improve their tennis technique. He has a technical approach to aspects of the tennis stroke that he breaks down into learnable chunks. I would highly recommend him. 

Simon and Eve London .(2018)

  •  We have been taking lessons with Bob for almost 3 years now and we are not planning to stop anytime soon.Over the years,we  improved  all our strokes as well as some advanced  ones.We`re now more confident on the tennis court and enjoying playing tennis more than ever before.Bob is constantly coming up with new routines and more advanced strokes to give us a great arsenal of different hits while playing.His methods also include video analysis of our strokes.This way we`re able to pick up our own errors much faster.Further,he introduced us to a different exercises that help with balance,breathing and power.We am more than happy to recommend Bob to anyone who is interested in improving their tennis skills no matter of level and age.                                                                                                                                             Petra and Peter London (2016)                  
  •  My wife and I really enjoyed meeting Bob and always looked forward to his tennis lessons. His unique approach using the weighted clubs technique for strengthening and flexibility on court and advanced video analysis programme has greatly improved our tennis. We would highly recommend Bob to anyone wanting to learn tennis from a complete beginner  to advanced levels.
    Diana and Adrian Montreal, Canada (2012)
  • My boyfriend and I have been training with Bob for over a year and since we started using weighted clubs we have noticed a significant difference in our energy and ability. The weighted clubs exercises target the core muscle groups used in each tennis shot thereby making the actual shots themselves feel more natural. We find weighted clubs gives us more flexibility, balance and speed.  Almost instantly after the minimal exercises we were faster on our feet and able to exert more focussed power in our shots. It is an easy and handy tool that can help with muscle memory when training. Jen London(2011)


  • I started lessons with Bob as an adult beginner, having had no prior experience of the game. However, the desire to learn has stayed with me for years. We covered all the various tennis techniques like preparation, footwork, learning various hand grips etc. Bob’s techniques included visual aids (watching in slow motion shots of professional tennis players), practicing with medicine balls and hammers to understand and practice shots, exercises to strengthen muscles in the wrist, along with exercises to improve footwork.  Bob is very professional, patient and very knowledgeable in his approach ensuring that you use the correct techniques and helping you strategise to produce a good game.  Almost one year later, I have come a long way. I am now playing tennis comfortably and confidently with friends (they fear my backhand) and I still continue to learn to improve my game. I would highly recommend Bob as a tennis coach, not only for beginners, but for anyone who would like to improve their game with good professional coaching.
    Debbie Williams London (2009)
  • More about me

    Having previously worked for the stock exchange as an IT Consultant and coming from a diagnostic background, I apply these skills and approaches in my teaching. For example, I like to use an ipad on court to film your stroke technique in slow motion in order to study the different components in detail. Another coaching method I employ is using weighted clubs for developing your swing. This technique can be seen in the video above your screen. I have learnt my approach to tennis through studying at the European Registry of Tennis Associations (RPT) and the International Tennis Academy of Natural and Holistic Tennis Coaching.













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